"The inspiration to create this home study program came from clients, friends and listeners from my weekly radio show requesting to gain the same confidence and ease of connecting with their intuition that they see in me." Deborah Wilson

I love the idea of people being able to access this material at any time of the day or night. I realize that it is not always possible to engage me in person or for everyone to commit to one of my mentoring programs, yet this program provides a way for you to have me in your very own living room showing you how to do exactly what I do in my own life.

Unlocking the power of my intuition
has dramatically changed my life.

I have moved from depression, cancer and unhealthy relationships and a career that was flat and had no room for personal or financial growth to living from a place of joy and gratitude, renewed health, loving and fulfilling relationships, and a career where there are no limits.

Just like you...

there are life experiences that challenge me.

Just like you, sometimes I feel fear, doubt or worry.

However, what I love about the 3 Easy Keys is that I get through challenging experiences faster and find golden gifts in everything. This allows me to return to a calmer more peaceful place and gives me a higher perspective and ability to truly understand I can create both a Spiritual AND Wealthy life. I’m so excited to show YOU how to do the same!

The foundation for everything in my life is that I have learned to trust my intuitive nature and you can too!

This is not a special gift for some, it is a practice that everyone can do and experience anywhere and at any time. It is something we are born with; it is our very nature.

"Our Journey is to reveal that which already is."


I have a happier life than I have ever had and I actually look forward to getting older because my life just keeps getting better no matter what comes my way.

Our human experience has a bit of a roller coaster to say the least! When you can step back and utilize these 3 Easy Keys, you can ride that rollercoaster much easier and make it a smoother and more joyful ride. Your life becomes both more meaningful and full of purpose.

This program is foundational. These 3 Easy Keys are essential to creating the life you want even if you are unsure of what you want or which direction to take in your life.

This program is perfect for you if you have a feeling your life has just got to be better than what you are experiencing right now.

  • It is about self exploration and learning to trust your intuition.
  • It will help you open up to your spirituality and your wealth.
  • It will help you get unstuck and move forward with confidence.

This program is ideal for you if you are in transition in any area of your life. It could be in your career, in your relationships, your health, or any area where you feel stuck or unsure of which direction to go. 

Are you able to distinguish between your egoic voice that keeps you stuck and afraid and your loving voice of intuition that can magically transform your life?

Do you ever ask yourself, “Am I on the right path?”

Have you ever felt disconnected or alone?

Have you ever felt stuck and helpless with what to do next?

Do you feel like you may be hearing your intuitive voice but still have doubts?

Would you like to know how to confirm what you are getting and finally trust that you really can access all the answers you need?

This program will help you take your life to the next level so that you clearly receive signs that confirm that you are hearing your intuitive voice clearly and accurately.

You will learn how to honour and practice using your intuition and create a relationship with that loving voice.

You are either hearing the voice of FEAR


the voice of LOVE

I see this as a two sided scale. There is nothing else; you are either hearing one or the other. Which side of the scale is holding more weight for you? Love or Fear? Fear keeps you stuck and feeling hopeless. Love opens you up to unlimited possibilities and gives you the hope and courage to experience life in ways you have only thought possible in your dreams.

When you begin to practice these 3 Easy Keys, you will gain a new confidence and courage to shift anything in your life.

Your potential is limitless!

It begins with TRUST

These 3 Easy Keys will allow you to trust yourself. My clients' number one issue is that they don't trust their own intuition. It was my issue too!

This program will open up a door to your intuitive voice and engage you in an active relationship with Spirit. As you actively engage in listening for love, LOVE will get louder. Love will become a bigger force as you invite it in. Every relationship we value and treasure needs to be nurtured and given time to grow and so it is with your relationship with Spirit and your intuition.

When you use these 3 Easy Keys to Trust Your Heart...

  • You become more aligned in feeling connected and joyful
  • You get the answers you need and want and it becomes easier and faster to get unstuck
  • You can create positive differences in any area in your life because you are calling forth an increase in love energy
  • You will learn to trust your heart and it will move you forward in a positive direction
So, Deborah, how can I get started?

You need to get out of your head and into your heart! Your head is a great thing and helps you get lots of things done, but your heart is really your Soul Knowing. As this becomes your daily practice AND second nature to you, you and your life can soar.

I am so excited because this program can benefit anyone. These 3 Easy Keys can be applied to your life whether you are a man, woman, young, old, mother, father, son, or daughter. It would be a great gift for a teenager or for a parent or for anyone you know who is struggling in their life in ANY area. The principles apply to everyone and I know they apply to you.

What if this program IS the answer you've been searching for to shifting your life?

What would that be worth to you?

Get ready to unlock your intuitive gifts!

If you would like a feel for the home study program you can listen to the original preview call from the live course. Even if you just listen to the preview call you will gain valuable information to test what level your intuition is at right now.

Join me for a taste of what this program will entail in this preview call with myself and special guest Beth Hanishewski:

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(49 minute preview call)

The Home Study Program will consist of FOUR CDs, Transcripts from the Live Course, an Action Guide & Journal.

Because this program was first a LIVE Course, you will be able to feel the energy as if you are in the room with me.

There are 3 Easy Keys to Unlocking the Power of Your Intuition and Creating a Spiritual AND Wealthy Life. Each of the 3 Easy Keys will be explored in depth in this program. The more you begin to use these 3 Easy Keys, the quicker you will feel and see positive results in your life.

You can purchase the Home Study Program now for $497!

For only $497, you will receive the FOUR audio recordings on CDs, the physical Transcripts AND an Action Guide & Journal to keep you motivated for an additional 45 days!

Trust Your Heart Home Study Program

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Deborah with Terry Hickey, The Belief Change Alchemist

Deborah Wilson
The Intuitive Spiritual & Wealth Coach
Author, Inspirational Speaker & Mentor of Prosperous Living


Deborah Wilson Deborah Wilson is a contemporary spiritual teacher and healer who uses her intuitive abilities as an inspirational speaker, author and mentor of prosperous living. After having a life altering illness and subsequent profound encounter with angels, she was told that, “a better life was waiting for her”.  Deborah acted on the intuitive guidance given to heal her body and step into a new life and career. 

She works with the angelic realm bringing foundational spiritual wisdom as well as practical applications as a Radio Show Host, Angel Therapist® and Transformational Coach helping clients worldwide.

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Trust Your Heart Home Study Program
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