About Deborah

Deborah Deborah “Atianne” Wilson is a published author, speaker, coach, and contemporary spiritual teacher and healer. She started her career in the healing arts as a graduate from USC Dental School and used her teaching and healing gifts in that field for 16 years. Her path changed when she had a life-altering illness and subsequent profound encounter with the angels.

This intuitive loving presence guided and inspired her to heal her body completely and reminded her that she had actually been counseling and providing healing guidance along with them since she was 12 years old.

She was told, “a better life was waiting for her.” As she trusted, listened and took guided action on the intuitive advice, she came into alignment with the unfolding of her natural spiritual gifts. Deborah now shares these gifts with an international clientele.

Known as The Intuitive Spiritual AND Wealth Coach, Deborah “Atianne” Wilson inspires her international audiences and clientele to understand that it`s truly OK to be Spiritual AND Wealthy. Too often people keep spirituality and wealth separate, but Deborah reminds us of our Divine inheritance, teaching that our freedom comes from truly embodying both Spirituality and Wealth as One Essence. Her book It’s OK to be Spiritual AND Wealthy supports you with achieving more freedom and prosperity in all areas of you life.

She is Clairvoyant and Clairaudient, literally seeing and hearing the spiritual realm simultaneously. One of her teachers, Dr. Doreen Virtue, said she had not seen this gift come in “like stereo” as it does in Deborah. Deborah enjoys teaching others about their own natural gifts of intuition so that they can easily heal any area in their life and create more prosperity.

Deborah is passionate about prosperity! As a professional intuitive, she is very confident about what true prosperity is. She knows that true prosperity comes from a space of knowing that your thoughts and emotions are creating your reality and that in each in every moment you have the ability to create a joy filled life.

Deborah believes that prosperity is about ALL your relationships, starting with yourself and including everything and everyone in your life experience. She also understands it includes your relationship with money. Clients are often very surprised to discover, with Deborah`s skills, areas that “seemingly” have nothing to do with their financial flow but are actually directly related to it.

It is Deborah`s honor and pleasure to use her intuitive skills to tune into information that is perfect for each of her clients to help guide them into a place of creating prosperity in both their personal and professional lives.

Each session, coaching program, product and monthly radio show with Deborah is geared to align your inner vibration with their outer “vibrational” wants, needs and desires. Deborah can actually see your potential and what is possible for you. She lovingly and powerfully holds this space for you as you begin to hold it for yourself.

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