Message From Archangel Michael & St. Joan of Arc

Courageous Action

Dear Ones,

We see so many asking for help and Divine inspiration and we answer your prayers, yet you don’t always like our answers or hear how we are answering. Some of you see our answers to your request as too simple, while others see a mountain they are unprepared to climb.

Let us be clear, we will send you answers that you are already prepared for. Meaning, if we show it to you, you already have what it takes to step into action, step into your dreams.That may also mean that you still need to gather tools or people or ways of being to step into and stay steady on your path of dreams.

Our point is, we see you not as you see yourself, we see the untapped treasure and potential you have. Think of yourself as a plant, from seed, to sprouting, to your first leaves, then perhaps flowers, fruits, seed and again repeating this pattern for all eternity.

We are right here. Find comfort and a sense of safety as we tend to your garden, your seeds, your blossoms and fruit. Ask upon waking for us to be with you, imbuing you with courageous action. It is much simpler than you make it out to be. Please also call on Archangel Jophiel to beautify your thoughts, so that you no longer waste precious time tending to the wrong garden of worry and despair.

You are an English Garden full of beauty and song. It is time to take action!

You are loved beyond measure.

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