Love is Like a Flower with Archangel Uriel

Love is like a flower-it is what it is, complete, perfect and giving-not holding back-forever moving forward in it`s cycle.

Yet, it is always there, whether in seed form or in full bloom. Love is always in potential and actual and yet, is exactly the same in both. It is how you see it that makes you believe there is a measurable difference.

Know that love is patient and kind and compassionate and all those things you have heard and when you are not “in love”, or a state of seeing through the eyes of love, you are in fear. Fear of yourself, your power, your knowing, the unknown, the list could go on and on and is always of your own making.

So think not of these things, but be proactive in your quest for love only. See every person and situation through this lens and when you can`t, when your emotions and justifications sway you otherwise, call on me to guide and redirect you. Ask me to show you a different way to look at any situation.

Some of you only see a “one way” sign, this is never the case with love, only fear. Know there is a higher power and higher forces at work, including your own co-creation of any situation that you bring or is brought to you.

Wake up from this dream and know God and the angels are always with you, to comfort, protect and guide you, always with love and towards love, as this is our only purpose and yours.

-Archangel Uriel

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