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Moving Through Loss and Grief

Two weeks ago we helped our sweet dog Pepper leave his body and be free. I cried hard and often before, during and after he transitioned. My tears well up even as I share with you now. In my long-time menagerie of four-leggeds, Pepper was our second dog to become ill and transition in this […]

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Transcending Challenges: My Greatest Gifts This Holiday

Do you ever prevent yourself from doing something in the moment because you think you can do it better later? I do this more often than I care to admit, such as connecting with you. How do I send my last newsletter of the year and share everything I want to, with the intention of […]

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A Wedding Blessing

  These words were given to me for my “Baby Butterfly Daughter” on her wedding day November 13, 2009, yet they are for all of us…. The seeds of love are eternal No matter which way the wind blows No matter which direction you take Love is ever lasting Love is ever present Love is […]

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Attachment and Suffering

Being attached to the outcome, things being, looking, feeling a certain way, has been a consistent theme in my life and for many of my clients in the last several weeks. What I love about working and playing with Spirit while being committed to continually awakening, is that we will be shown not only where […]

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On the Eve of Change…

“Change is inevitable and growth is optional” A dear friend of mine gave me a card with the above quote recently. I just shook my head it deep recognition of this truth for me. We are at a great precipice in time and history and we are being asked to trust deeply in the greatest […]

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