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Everything Flows From Your Relationship with Source

It is snowing here in Boulder, Colorado as I type the beginning of my newsletter. I can’t help but think of abundance and prosperity and how magical it is to watch the constant stream of snowflakes pouring down. I am reminded by Spirit in this moment that we can use this picture as a visual […]

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Trust Your Heart

Unlocking the power of my intuition has dramatically changed my life. I have moved from depression, cancer and unhealthy relationships and a career that was flat and had no room for personal or financial growth to living from a place of joy and gratitude, renewed health, loving and fulfilling relationships, and a career where there […]

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2011 Message From Archangel Gabriel And Friends

Archangel Gabriel Messenger angel bringing good news- 2011 will be a slowing down time where this year reflected a speeding up and purging this next year will allow for energy’s to come in similar to a jet stream that one can consciously attach to and ride the gentle yet powerful stream of rebuilding your life […]

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So Spirit, patience, what do I need to know about patience? “Where is this perceived finish line you are all scurrying around to get to? All these things you wish to get accomplished are all illusional perceptions conceived in egoic mind that in themselves, in the end, will hold less meaning then you think. It […]

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Message From Archangel Michael & St. Joan of Arc

Courageous Action Dear Ones, We see so many asking for help and Divine inspiration and we answer your prayers, yet you don’t always like our answers or hear how we are answering. Some of you see our answers to your request as too simple, while others see a mountain they are unprepared to climb. Let […]

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