Book: It’s OK to be Spiritual AND Wealthy

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It’s OK to be Spiritual AND Wealthy:

19 Essential Keys for Living a Joyful,
Prosperous and Abundant Life

Released February 14, 2014

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Deborah's book It's OK to be Spiritual AND Wealthy is now available at Deborah's book It's OK to be Spiritual AND Wealthy is now available at

About the Book

In It’s OK to Be Spiritual AND Wealthy, you will learn practical application of spiritual wisdom, so you can free yourself to co-create the joyful, prosperous and abundant life that is already waiting for you. Wealth includes more than just money; by applying Deborah “Atianne” Wilson’s essential keys, you can positively affect your health, relationships, spiritual connection, job path and overall well-being, including financial freedom.

Known as The Intuitive Spiritual AND Wealth Coach, Deborah “Atianne” Wilson inspires her international audiences and clientele to understand that it’s truly OK to be Spiritual AND Wealthy. Too often people keep spirituality and wealth separate, but Deborah reminds us of our Divine inheritance, teaching that our freedom comes from truly embodying both Spirituality and Wealth as One Essence.

Praise for It’s OK to be Spiritual AND Wealthy

james M_FB profile picJames Malinchak

Featured on ABC’s Hit TV Show, Secret Millionaire

“WOW! What a great book!  If you’re ready to grow personally, professionally and financially, then read and absorb the strategies in this brilliant book by my friend Deborah ‘Atianne’ Wilson!”

brian tracy_testimonial pic_feb2014Brian Tracy

President, Brian Tracy International

“This is a warm, wonderful and uplifting book, full of spiritual guidance and wisdom that shows you how to fulfill your potential and realize the greatness that is within you.”



patty aubrey_testimonial pic_feb2014Patty Aubrey

President, The Canfield Training Group

“After reading It’s OK to be Spiritual AND Wealthy, I am affirmed in what’s possible for all of us in this lifetime. While Deborah doesn’t actually use the words Law of Attraction, this concept is what she’s talking about in many of the awesome teachings and applications she offers. She’ll teach you how to manifest joy, abundance and prosperity in any area of your life, and equip you with new ways of understanding and implementing manifestation. Don’t wait to read this book.”


kristi frank_testimonial pic_feb2014Kristi Frank

As seen on The Apprentice and Oprah
CEO of

“I like knowing that Deborah and her book It’s OK to be Spiritual AND Wealthy are around. As Deborah once said in an interview with me, ‘Money is love,’ and this lovely book will help so many people realize that abundance and prosperity can be positive forces in our lives. Deborah teaches that not only do you get to create abundance and prosperity in your life, but the Universe also wants you to create more. Imagine that!”


Gary Mantz and Suzanne MitchellGary Mantz and Suzanne Mitchell

Mantz and Mitchell Radio Show

“Deborah shares her perspective about the nature of reality and consciously blends the invisible world with the visible seamlessly in It’s Ok to be Spiritual AND Wealthy. Deborah makes a great argument for our collective purpose being the experiencing and expressing of our divinity in an obviously vast and abundant universe. Each chapter addresses one aspect of flawed thinking and gives exercises for aligning our thoughts with our greatest potential. This is a book to keep and refer to over and over in order to get unstuck from thinking that does not serve our soul’s evolution.”


vicki irvin1_testimonial pic_feb2014Vicki Irvin

CEO, Superwoman Lifestyle

It’s OK to be Spiritual AND Wealthy is such a valuable resource for practical spiritual wisdom. I love how Deborah defines wealth as not just a monetary value but a barometer for joy and satisfaction in all main life areas, such as your health, relationships and spirituality. The steps she offers are manageable and will allow you to see and create shifts where you most need to get unstuck.”


beth bio7_picBethH_Jan2014Beth Hanishewski

Coach. Speaker. Spiritual Gangster.

“Deborah is that rare combination of a teacher who has not only extraordinary range and depth but also playfulness and accessibility that is hard to find.  She has an amazing ability to take real-life challenges of wealth creation, manifesting, and spiritual practice seem simple and doable for the average person.  This book takes the seemingly daunting journey of prosperity and abundance and breaks it down into small, bite-sized steps.  This book is for you if you are committed to your own version of wild success and are looking for the perfect partnership of the human and spiritual realm.”