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What Is Alignment and Why Should I Care?

  Would you like to feel and experience more happiness and joy in your body and in your everyday experiences? Who wouldn’t right? I call this being in alignment. The best secret weapon you have to be in alignment is by being very conscious about how you are feeling within your beautiful body. Your body […]

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Everything Flows From Your Relationship with Source

It is snowing here in Boulder, Colorado as I type the beginning of my newsletter. I can’t help but think of abundance and prosperity and how magical it is to watch the constant stream of snowflakes pouring down. I am reminded by Spirit in this moment that we can use this picture as a visual […]

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LIVE Course Special Offer

If you missed my preview call for this course, you can still call in to listen to it for free! The details are here: TrustYourHeart. Just a reminder that when you sign up for my Trust Your Heart LIVE Course before midnight on November 1st (that’s actually November 2nd at 12am Mountain Time, or November […]

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A Wedding Blessing

  These words were given to me for my “Baby Butterfly Daughter” on her wedding day November 13, 2009, yet they are for all of us…. The seeds of love are eternal No matter which way the wind blows No matter which direction you take Love is ever lasting Love is ever present Love is […]

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Attachment and Suffering

Being attached to the outcome, things being, looking, feeling a certain way, has been a consistent theme in my life and for many of my clients in the last several weeks. What I love about working and playing with Spirit while being committed to continually awakening, is that we will be shown not only where […]

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