Spiritual & Wealthy Platinum Coaching Programs

Coaching Space

Deborah offers two levels of opportunity to invest in one-on-one, private coaching and mentoring.

Each Spiritual & Wealthy Platinum Coaching Program is designed to support you at the level and speed at which you are ready to transform your life. The two Spiritual & Wealthy Platinum Coaching Programs offer a contrast of support and connection.

Do you prefer to stretch a bit more and desire to transform quickly? Or, is your style calling you to create more time for support and integration? Either way, you’ll be held in a safe, private and loving space with Deborah, no matter where you are on your journey or where you live in the world.

Imagine the benefit of access to significant support, as you dramatically shift your business and personal life to an advanced level. Deborah can already see your full potential and the desires of your heart, as well as any chronic limited beliefs and behaviors that may be holding you back and keeping you stuck.

Would you like to know your pure potential and all that is possible for you?

Would you like to live your best, most joyful and abundant life
from a place of greater trust, faith and action?

People love that Deborah can easily blend the intuitive, spiritual and the practical. You will be given the perfect tools and guidance to transform your life and excavate your soul’s purpose.

You may already know what is best for you, but do you often second-guess yourself and fear you will make a mistake in life? Do you feel afraid to move forward? Working with Deborah supports your courage to take action, faith that things can always work out for your highest good, and more self-love and acceptance so that you are ready to create forward momentum and quickly manifest your desires.

As you experience private, on-going coaching and mentoring with Deborah, you will realize each area of your life affects the whole. Working on any one area in your life that you want to transform will beautifully spill into other areas of your life, creating more prosperity and authenticity where you can feel greater connection, health, wholeness and joy.

You are perfect for Spiritual and Wealthy Platinum Coaching with Deborah if you are seriously ready to shift your perspective and any limiting beliefs and habits you may have that are currently keeping you from living the life you dream.

To be considered for any of the two programs, you need to have already worked with Deborah in one or more of the following ways:

When you are ready and have met the requirements listed above, you may contact Deborah to have a complimentary conversation to hear more details about which program would be perfect for you.

Each feature and benefit of both programs will be discussed with you in detail during your conversation with Deborah, so you can be comfortable and clear with which program is right for you.

Praise for the Spiritual & Wealthy Platinum Coaching Program:

After the death of my son Max, 10 years ago, I had many well meaning; well-intentioned friends tell me that I could push the cruise control button of life. They said that because I had just endured the most profound tragedy that a mother could experience, that I could just sit back and take a break. Surely, they said, nothing could touch me like this again. Well, pushing cruise control and simply watching the scenery pass me by was the furthest thing from my mind. If Max taught me anything, he taught me about living with my every breath, with my every step upon this earth. He taught me to go after my ultimate life.

Before the Platinum program I was experiencing a cruise control string of moments, days, months and years.

What was missing was the energy and road map to truly get after some of the specifics of what I wanted to bring into my life. Like taking a “fine” life to “fantastic.” I saw where I was but knew there was more. Did I dare ask for more?

It was like I was paying too much attention to the things in life that made me feel tired and busy – a lot of the day-to-day stuff. Working with Deborah has taught me to pay attention to self-first, so that I have the energy and creative ability to attend to my family and business. She has also reminded how important it is to not set aside my personal dreams as my individual happiness effects all that I love.

I could also say I am 5 pounds lighter and infinitely more toned – true statements – and all happened after the Platinum sessions!

And now, only a month away from the 10-year anniversary of Max’s re-birth into spirit, I am on my way to living and expressing my ultimate life.

Kathleen McLeroy
Kathleen McLeroy
Ayres Vineyard & Winery
Ribbon Ridge AVA

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