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Our Invitation to the Crystal Bed (Crystal Bath)

We were called to a spiritual pilgrimage to the Casa de Dom Inacio in Abadiania, Brazil, to experience what others had reported and to expand the “next level” within our spiritual journey. Having already had crystal bed experiences in the United States, before we left for Abadiania, we received strong inner guidance to request permission to own a crystal bed and be stewards for this healing modality. Though we have been offering sessions for coaching clients since May 2013, we were not yet guided to offer these sessions more publicly… until now.

When looking into the idea of facilitating sessions with the crystal bed here in Boulder, we knew it would be an important part of Deborah’s holistic practice for Immersion VIP days and coaching clients as well as bringing Dianna more into the spotlight with her gifts and talents. Dianna, as a powerful intuitive and healer in her own right, has always been a beautiful part of Deborah’s team, but has worked more behind the scenes. These crystal bed sessions are truly a partnership offering, and Dianna has stepped more into a primary service role.

Although we own the bed, we really feel like stewards of the crystal bed, holding the space for the loving and healing currents of energy. No matter where the crystal beds are in the world, we know that the same loving, healing Entities that work through John of God at the Casa also directly work with our John of God crystal bed here in Boulder. These healing Entities use the crystal bed as a portal to assist those requesting help; often people in a crystal bed session will see or hear guidance from these Entities, angels, personal guides and even dearly departed loved ones. As an extension of this important work, we provide a space of Unconditional Love, peace and the resurrection of one’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health–as per the guidance of    Saint Ignatius.

It’s our pleasure and honor to serve you.

Deborah&Dianna_bday pic_july2014Deborah “Atianne” Wilson and Dianna Mednick

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p.s. Deborah’s “Feel Your Magnificence” chapter in her
It’s OK to be Spiritual AND Wealthy book, published in 2014, was inspired by her trip to Brazil in 2013.


What to Expect in a Crystal Bed Session

During the crystal bed session, you will lie fully clothed on a comfortable massage table with seven clear, polished Vogel crystals suspended and secured approximately 12 inches above you. Each crystal uniquely directs a perfect amount and pattern of colored light, corresponding to the seven primary chakras, bathing you in healing energetic frequencies. Vogel crystals are healing and meditative quartz crystals cut and designed to effectively channel Universal Life Force energy; they were created by Marcel Vogel, a scientist who worked for IBM and completed extensive research with Luminescence. At the request of the Entities, the crystal bed has its required dedicated room, where no other healing modalities take place, except for high-vibrational, healing music that is intuited uniquely for your session.

Chakras - 3D renderEach person may experience something different during his/her session, and each session can be a different experience. Here is a sample of what people have experienced with crystal bed sessions: hot or cold sensations, light pressure, clairvoyance, the feeling of being touched, release of emotions, sense of peace, expansion of kundalini energy, past life awareness and integration, release of unforgiveness, tingling or other bodily sensations, sacred heart opening, the feeling of being unconditionally loved–a deep knowing you’re not alone, increased intuitive abilities, and higher states of consciousness.

Intuitive Integration

In addition to your crystal bed session with Dianna or Deborah, you have the option of expanding and deepening your experience by adding time for Intuitive Integration.

Intuitive Integration allows you the time and space to process your session and integrate the intuitive guidance channeled for your healing and spiritual growth. 

Dianna or Deborah (whomever you choose to conduct your session) write channeled and intuitive messages that come through for you while holding a current of energetic healing space for you outside the designated room. You will leave with a copy of these notes and any additional messages that come through during integration time.

Following your crystal bed session, Dianna or Deborah will spend 30 minutes integrating the experience you had on the crystal bed with the intuitive messages that came through for you.

If you’d like to add intuitive integration to your crystal bed session, you may select appropriately within our scheduling website.


How Long is a Crystal Bed Session? 

At the Casa de Dom Inacio, a session is considered 20 minutes in length. We have found that even the most physically un-well clients can easily tolerate 35-minute sessions. In honoring the energy of the Casa, as well as our own guided intuition, we currently offer 40-minute sessions with or without additional Intuitive Integration. If you choose to add Intuitive Integration, plan an additional 30 minutes for your entire session.

How Do I Prepare for My Session?

The guidance from the loving Entities suggests the following preparation:

♥ Wear white or light-colored clothing—no black or red.
♥ Set a clear intention to heal anything physical, mental, spiritual and/or emotional in your life.
♥ Be willing to be present with what is by letting go of any attachment to “how the session should look or feel.”

What Do I Need to Do After My Session?

♥ Offer yourself a generous follow-up of rest, integration, quiet and ease: nothing too strenuous for 24-72 hours.
♥ Increase hydration: Drink extra water or decaffeinated tea—the cleansing and clearing can be very detoxifying.
♥ Journal your experience as soon as possible after your session—remembering and handwriting  bring more awareness of the experience into your consciousness; you may remember different aspects of the crystal bed session while writing that you weren’t initially consciously aware of.
♥ Pay attention to your own intuitive insights that will direct you to deepen your healing opportunity, i.e. you may become aware of a needed dietary change, guidance to shift physical activity, clarity with a decision, increased understanding within your relationships, or the ability to honor the next needed step along your path bringing more fulfillment within and purpose.

How Often Are Sessions Recommended?

The number of crystal bed sessions is often dependent on your health and intentions. People who are very ill or wish to move through a specific challenge more quickly often are advised to experience two to three sessions per week until a level of desired wellness has been achieved. For people who are in good health and wish to experience a crystal bed session for spiritual expansion, most people find that weekly or monthly sessions keep them “tuned” and balanced. Trust that there is no “right” or “wrong” answer to the frequency of a session; we rely on our intuitive guidance, and we will support you to do the same.


I’ve experienced several crystal healing bed sessions and highly recommend them. I always make sure to journal right after each session, as I typically experience a “dream sequence” of a story, and find that the sessions are amazing, often surprising and so necessary. I learn and feel so much! The Healing Entities who appear for me sometimes feel like doctors and nurses who are there to perform a needed energetic surgery. I’ve felt a shift in my pain associated with endometriosis and a shift in related emotional ties to traumatic events. The crystal bed sessions create a very different, deep sense of healing on all (physical, emotional, etc.) levels. Wow.
~ EMS, Boulder, Colorado  USA


I first went on the crystal bed for a session  with Deborah after a trip to the Emergency room with debilitating and terrifying stomach pain. The doctors found no reason for my pain. As I was lying on the crystal bed, I asked for help and to heal my pain. I literally felt my physical pressure relieved and fell deep into “sleep.” It was so healing and calm and beautiful. I’ve had other treatments and find them magical in a way that is supportive and healing and loving and plain WOW!


Life-affirming and healing and just plain AMAZING!!
~ LWT, Denver, Colorado USA



We honor the FDA laws and regulations here in the United States (“no thing or no one can actually heal another person”). Deborah “Atianne” Wilson and Dianna Mednick are not medical doctors. Crystal bed sessions and intuitive guidance are not intended as a substitute for the medical advice or treatment from a physician. Each person should regularly consult a physician in matters relating to his/her health and particularly with respect to any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention.

Deborah’s and Dianna’s intentions are only to offer information of a general nature to help each client in his/her quest for holistic well-being. Deborah and Dianna believe that working with the crystal bed and the Entities that work with John of God activates the individual’s ability to heal from the inside out. Even John of God doesn’t say he heals, and Deborah and Dianna are not saying they heal—God/Spirit heals. In the event the client uses any of the information received during a session, which is his/her constitutional and individual right, Deborah and Dianna assume no responsibility for the client’s actions or results, and they encourage clients to seek their own trusted medical professional, regarding any changes to their current health regimen. 

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