Happy Love Day!


Happy Valentine’s Day to those of you in the States and beyond on this day in celebration of LOVE!

If you are feeling in love with your life, you are probably experiencing a really good day…

If your expectations of “how” your life should be or how you wish it was are not quite in alignment with what is happening, today may be one that doesn’t feel so terrific.

My Valentine’s wish for you is, that you open your heart to a way of being that takes ALL of your life, all of your experiences and allows them to expand you. Allow all of it, both the light and the dark, to reveal more of who you really are by letting your unique expression of light shine through.

All of our experiences give us the opportunity to be more than we ever thought we could be:

We are at choice to be more loving, courageous, honest, compassionate, giving, creative, joyful, supportive and forgiving, just to name a few.

It may not always be easy to see what is being asked of us in the moment, or the next day, but it’s there waiting for you and for me to discover the treasure that is always right in front of us.

You may wonder exactly who is asking us to be more of who we really are?

The answer is we are, each one of us. That means YOU!

You couldn’t wait to get here, dig in and feel all the contrast of this life…all of it…that concept isn’t the easiest to grasp…your ego may fight it…yet, embracing it will make all the difference in the world because your heart will open and expand.

This is what changes the world.

Speaking of someone who is changing the world:

Let me introduce you to one of my amazing clients Kathleen and her offering on Valentine’s Day to the world. She is an amazing example of moving through and beyond an experience that often prevents people from truly living. Kathleen has allowed her heart to open more to love, forgiveness, courage and purposeful living because of her life changing experiences through the birth as well as the physical death of her son Max.

We all have gifts that are open to us from all of our experiences, this is one of Kathleen’s…
 Max McLeroy – Little Boy. Big Life. BIgger Blessing.


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