Give What You are Wanting More Of

This is so simple yet so profound:
“Give what you are wanting more of ~”
Here is a simple formula…
If you want more (fill in the blank), then give more (fill in the blank) and you will then receive more (fill in the blank).
This is not a one time deal, this is a way of life, an aspect of your spiritual practice.
Did you know that every time I de-clutter and give away stuff that my income from my business increases with the number of clients and purchases of my products? I actually don’t consciously do it to get, it is just part of my organizing and letting go of what doesn’t fit where I am any more.
Increased financial flow is just one aspect of what can happen when you “give it away”.
This is spiritual principle in action…it is faith and trust in the infinite supply that is always flowing in our direction, yet can seemingly be put on pause when we are in fear.
Want more love? Be more loving~
Want more material wealth? Find something to give away~
Want more respect? Be more respectful~
Want more truth? Be more truthful~
Want more health? Do more life affirming things~
At first, it may feel contrived and not completely from the heart, but that is OK…we “act as if” until we become. Strive to give from a place that feels good…it could just be a smile that you give…simple.
Get creative, what are passionate about?
What do you want more of?
What will you be inspired to give more of?

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One response to “Give What You are Wanting More Of”

  1. marksaunders says:

    You made me get up and go rummage through my closets and give away everything I’m not using.

    Thank you,


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