Prophetic Visions – A gift?

I haven’t blogged for along time. Today, what I might have processed in my journal I was guided to share here.

Most people tune out their intuition because they do not want to “see” the truth of what was, what is and what can be. We are all generally OK and even delighted with “seeing” the truth when we like what has happened, what is happening or what we see as a future positive possibility.

But what happens when we see the energy of what is coming and we don’t like it? Often for most, we ignore it, we attempt to control it or we deny our gift of prophetic vision or knowing only to be reminded later that we knew.

I used to ignore much of my insight. I wasted a lot of energy attempting to control people and events. I allowed the toxic energy of worry and fear to consistently radiate through my body when I thought about what I believed and judged as negative. Although there are times I can initially get drawn back into those  behaviors that ultimately didn’t serve me, today I do a much better job at seeing the bigger picture. I am so grateful to see things that come to me from a more positive light even when initially I felt otherwise.

On June 6, I was shown a picture of someone and I instantly knew of a possible event for the future that could occur that I would prefer not to have happened for some time and under very different circumstances. I wanted to hit the delay button and even attempted initially to slow the possible event down. Thankfully, I have learned that the only thing we can control in these situations is how we react to them and what we bring to the situation through our thoughts and emotions.

We call intuition a gift because it supports our well-being, guides the direction of our journey, brings forth new ideas to transformed into the material and so much more. The gifts of prophetic intuition invite us to prepare, to look at our attachments to what we believe is right and wrong, to see possibilities that are within our field of energy to redirect and change and when we can’t…to soften the blow as well as to help us trust and have faith.

Today, I received confirmation that the very event that I was shown on June 6, did in fact take place. The blow for me was softened, the offering to prepare was there and the heart-felt guidance I chose to share was given. I saw nothing else I could do. I was given no alternative insight other than to let go and allow the freedom for another soul to choose.

Letting go to allow what wants to come through especially where the people we deeply love is concerned is often felt as a very painful challenge. The gift for me is that I am consistently invited by Spirit to look deeper, see situations from a higher perspective and often the most comforting gift I receive are the numbers 222 and the words; “All is Well.”

For now I am calm, tomorrow I may feel different if I allow fear to creep in. We are all at choice and we are all doing the best we can depending on how consciously aware we are and how much we allow the Love being offered to us in any situation.

I am thankful to the wisdom being offered through spirit as well as those who love me and want to protect those we love.

As I close, I see the picture to post with this page…another offering of Spirit to support and uplift, a prophetic offering I can control.

Yes, Spirit, this is a good choice…thanks for the reminder~









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4 responses to “Prophetic Visions – A gift?”

  1. fiZ says:

    Blessings sweet one. Thanks for sharing your insights and visions with us. As always, I’m wishing you…

  2. Enjoyed this very much Deborah, and the quote at the end is delicious icing on the cake!

  3. Deborah says:

    fiZ! Thank you so much for your comments both here and on facebook. I especially enjoyed the quote from the the Bhagavad Gita you shared on my facebook page!

    Much love,

  4. Deborah says:

    Patrick~ OMG! I often say that my life is cake and that everything else is icing! So, of course you would mirror that! Love it! Can’t wait to catch up!


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