Transcending Challenges: My Greatest Gifts This Holiday

Deborah and Bryce and Katharine_Christmas 2012Do you ever prevent yourself from doing something in the moment because you think you can do it better later?

I do this more often than I care to admit, such as connecting with you.

How do I send my last newsletter of the year and share everything I want to, with the intention of inspiring you into more of your greatness, your courage, your freedom and your prosperity?

The truth is I can`t do it all. I can`t capture the essence of this entire year, let alone this last week, without leaving something out. Our life is and will always contain contrast. Our year will have its highlights and challenges and everything in-between.

But what I can do is be myself, allowing Spirit to guide what is perfect in the moment.

Of all of the events that I`ve experienced this year, there is only one weekend I am guided to share. I should probably tell you how exciting it is that I published my first book and that I`m editing my second. I should probably tell you that I developed new courses and services. I want to share the details of when our beloved dog died and then had to leave our home four days later for a milestone, celebratory summer vacation. But one weekend stands out as the most significant event I`d like to share because it seems to capture the essence of our human and spiritual journey, where we can take something that feels so extraordinarily painful and transcend it with the practical spiritual wisdom I teach and live.

Within the same weekend I told my beautiful 17-year-old daughter she needed to go live full time with her dad, my son was assaulted and knocked unconscious, followed by the ambulance, police, and hospital – the works. He`s 6`2″ and has a black belt in karate – how could this be?

In the midst of this type of experience, I always find that everything else fades away, and complete clarity about what is important and meaningful rises quickly to the top.

How could I, someone who sees that mothering is such a sacred journey, ask her beautiful daughter to leave?

How could I, someone who knows that we co-create our reality and we are eternal beings be shaken to my core to see my beautiful son bruised, swollen, scraped, and shaken to his own core?

I cried off and on for four days. I couldn`t sleep through the night and I couldn`t completely focus on anything else.

Experiences we judge as tragic, bad or negative in any way often make no logical sense, and, from a logical perspective, I have found they never will make sense.

So I did what I teach, and I went in. I asked the highest aspect of my soul as well as all the light that I work with and I AM for higher perspective, guidance, understanding, clarity and meaning.

Some of what I discovered is that I was putting my mothering before myself. That`s what mothers do, right? Putting mothering first is like putting the oxygen mask on your child in the airplane before yours. In not caring for self first, we can`t care for others in the most healthy way.

With my daughter, I was “trying” to put her comfort before mine, and it was not working. My boundaries were not firm and clear, and when I changed that-when I changed, when I was 100% clear, the entire relationship shifted. She didn`t leave to live with her dad full time; instead, she said she wanted to stay, and there has been more peace, harmony, softness and laughter here in our home. Joyful tears!

With my son, I was gifted one of the most incredible healing experiences of compassion and Truth towards those who injured my son. This experience took all that I knew in my spiritual teachings and exponentially expanded my heart and consciousness. I was able to not only see but also feel how all of this was created and expand from a place of suffering to ecstasy, as I saw each person as the Light he is, despite how he had shown up.

As I attempted in the following weeks to help, support and make things better for my son, I experienced a bit of a booty kicking around letting go and trusting that my son is finding his own, even if uncomfortable at times, way in the world and blossoming perfectly in his own unique way. Just like me and you!

As a mother, my foundational work on so many levels is done. This experience was a clear demonstration that my son asked for help, listened to his own guidance and took action as directed – the core of my teaching: ask, listen, take action. He came home and asked to utilize the John of God Crystal Bed to heal. He shared with me that he too went in and did his spiritual work. He was able to see how this was created and discover what he needed to extract from his experience.

My spiritual work – my ability to tune in and ask meaningful questions – allows me to move more quickly through any suffering I experience. It reminds me that there is nothing outside of myself that I can change, unless I change my perspective and reach higher.

This is my wish for you, too: to shift and reach higher in any area that you could use a higher perspective as you move into the holidays and wrap up another year of contrasting experiences. Connect with me: I`d love to support you with creating more freedom in your life!

Here`s to celebrating it all! Wishing you and your family an extraordinary holiday!

Deborah “Atianne” Wilson
The Spiritual AND Wealth Coach

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