2010 Message From Archangel Zadkiel

2010 Message From Archangel Zadkiel

Expect an increase some weather patterns, particular storms and “cleansing hurricanes”. There is much opportunity for people to leave the planet as they are done with their portion of the preparation for a deeper understanding of awakening.

You have forgotten yourself in the past and we are so delighted to converse with those open to the language of love. As this is what you are and what you came to remember, as you enjoy the many opportunities of this lifetime.

Expect a continued cleansing process January through March for those of you and around you who are still holding tight to the apron strings of the old way old paradigm.

You cannot simutaneously hold on to the old and bring in the new. We delight in your calender that marks a new beginning as so many of you set such delightful intentions.

We invite you, this year to intend for yourself to allow love, allow us, to more fully  express through you. As this your joyful purpose.

Collectively you will continue to see the infrastructure of what lies out of integrity to continually be revealed on a much faster time frame.

If this worries or concerns you, we remind you that there is monument-ess relief when you no longer are holding anything out of integrity.

With truth, integrity, love and honor to yourself first and others simultaneously, you give yourself  freedom.

We assure  and promise you this is a lovelier vibration to love and express yourself.

Be glad for all that  falls away. As it is the sooner you let go, you allow a much stronger foundation to be your launching pad and we can speak to you on deeper and deeper levels which nourish your soul and return you home.

2010 is a greater time for self awareness, peace and prosperity as you work together to focus on what is RIGHT with all of you. It is a time to plant seeds that take a strong foothold for the next decade, not only for you but, for the generations to come.

All is well

Trust in this and Us

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