2011 Message From Archangel Gabriel And Friends

Archangel Gabriel

Messenger angel bringing good news-

2011 will be a slowing down time where this year reflected a speeding up and purging this next year will allow for energy’s to come in similar to a jet stream that one can consciously attach to and ride the gentle yet powerful stream of rebuilding your life any way you are wanting.

Stop talking about what you think may or may not happen stop giving your attention/gossip and ways of being that deprive your soul of learning opportunities to create what you are really wanting.

The vibration for many of you of what you are wanting is different than what you are radiating or putting out there.

Things like, “I am afraid of this happening” or “things will go the way they will go”, is a retreat into past thinking and not a forging into exploring the new that you can create.

The WORD is the beginning; it always has been and always will be. It is a vibration that sets you free or imprisons you to a hellish experience that is being created always within your own body system.

Being mindful and aware of your word is so very important. Many of you are giving lip service to your spiritual being and are so rutted in old habits that are literally recreating the same experience of loss, regret and lack. It just looks different from the perspective of how it happens.

You are not alone in this universal experience, help is on the way or shall we say wavelength of your experience and you can catch this at any time. Yet expect an increase of “doable action” in these upcoming months that lead into a blossoming of exponential proportion in this next year.

We tell you this now so those of you on the edge of readiness may once again hear our words of that which you already know and really put the peddle to the metal with your doing and your being, matching like a pair of perfectly matched candle sticks both united in their flames.

Let your doing and being be a matched set. There are hundreds of thousands of books helping you out there and many teachers aligned enough in their thinking and being, to teach and remind you. They need not be perfect, don’t turn them away and throw out there teachings, find the common thread they are all reminding you and take the time to sort this out.

Let your remembering of who you are come fully to the surface.

Practice this by taking the time to carve out precious time to quiet your mind and listen to us, those that are not of the earth yet are, as we watch you and help, not with physical eyes that can be limiting but with the same spiritual eyes that keep you safe and return you home to yourself, your power and your understanding of your own inner aspect of connection to the whole in which you cannot separate yourself from.

2011 my dear ones is a portal to deepening your remembering and again exponentially creating a promised future. This comes on the wings of a dove, as many of you are amplifying being vigilant of your words and what you are creating.

Let now all those that hear these words be at peace in their hearts, that the day is coming for you in the immediate future where because of your asking you will be shown more spiritual truths and esoteric information.

Take action on your ideas. your inspirations and the inner knowing and visions or words you hear that are leading you to your deeper understanding and remembering of how to create heaven on earth and the paradise you are looking for.

Study your heart out with joy. We use play on words to help you catch a glimpse that your heart is what we want to be shown to come out and play. Hide your love no longer as this is always going to be the answer no matter what and this will never change for all eternity.

Amen, let it be, allow it to be so and we are complete in our love transmission for this day.

I love you,we are love and all really is well with you and your planet.

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