An Angel Message For You!

“As we rapidly shift the ability to awaken to true consciousness, you will notice an increase in your sensitivity, your ability to hear, feel see and know our presence…it is a time of great amplification of “The Cosmic Love Field” and we are a portion of that field standing by awaiting your answer to rapidly amplify this field in your life’s journey here on the Earth plane.

Our energy is pure, easy and simple. We are not complicated, nor is our message. We are here to support your true remembrance and to sail home with you through clear streams and calm waters. We are standing by waiting to show you Light through and out of your storm. Step into the Light and fear and worry become less and less in your field as you come to know your worth, your abilities, your love, your joy. We are here. We await you. You are loved dearly.”


The Angelic Realm

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