Ash Wednesday~Self-Reflection/Self-Sacrifice

Angels And Prosperity

If you ask me what my religion is, I will tell you it is Love.

Yet, I am drawn to so many beautiful spiritual and religious practices.

If you follow me into a carniceria for example, you will find me making my way to the traditional religious candles of the saints and angels. There is beauty in practices that allow us to feel our sacredness, candles are part of this beauty for me.

I woke up today with an impulse to allow a calling to emerge along others today. The practices will vary contrast and for various personal reasons.

I see the beauty in self-reflection vs self-sacrifice on a day like today or for anyway really. One has a more investigative quality to me that is full of possibilities where the other feels very restrictive. We certainly don’t need to test ourselves and restrict ourselves to be worthy, we already are. I am about expansion not restriction when it comes to my varied personal practices and beliefs.

For me, deepening my own awareness of my Divine worth comes from self-reflection and today I give myself the opportunity to do just that with a 40-day reflection on proactive exercise vs the practice of exercise procrastination.

I have laughed out loud over the last month as I have asked in my moments of stillness about various subjects and my spiritual team of loving beings seem to have the same answer for a variety of my questions: Exercise 

The loving beings that support me and you know the highest good for us that we often ignore. I know that exercise is about much more than the ideal body image, it is about balanced hormones, stress reduction, flexibility and for me—much more. In fact for many, exercise is the only time some people can hear that still voice within.

Today I create for me what is right and true for me—a mini marathon of 40 days of some form of exercise for the SOUL purpose of self-reflection and self-love.

What I am giving up is the immediate gratification and pleasure that procrastination of exercise brings for the long term benefits that a conscious daily spiritual practice of moving my body brings.

May this invite you to self-reflect in an area that has been lovingly calling you.

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  1. ula says:

    What a great concept. I will definitely meditate on this. Thank you ♡ namaste ♡ ula ♡

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