Attachment and Suffering

Being attached to the outcome, things being, looking, feeling a certain way, has been a consistent theme in my life and for many of my clients in the last several weeks.

What I love about working and playing with Spirit while being committed to continually awakening, is that we will be shown not only where we are creating unnecessary suffering but also if we are open and asking, we are shown the way through it and out of it. If we don’t go unconscious, we are also shown new ways to not step back into it.

For me, in these last few weeks, I got to discover that I was very attached to the kittens my daughter and I are fostering for our local Humane Society.

My attachment was not about wanting to keep them as that was never my intention, but for them to live. Two of the kittens had some health issues. One went “down hill” within 24 hours of coming into our home. As we were getting it some medical attention I became aware that I really wanted it to live…my ego was so involved. Every person that came in said he “it” didn’t look good. I felt sadness around the seemingly “bad” outcome that could occur.

I knew I had to surrender and let go, trusting that this situation was perfect for reasons in the moment I may not be aware of.

We got some treatment, some supportive advice and we added our own intuitive guidance when we went home.

Before I went to bed, I knew that if that babe survived the night, we would be home free.

Spirit woke me at 3:38 am and said “go check the babies”. I thought, “you better not be waking me to a dead kitten, certainly that could have waited?”. I went down and that very same kitten was now wrestling with his brother!

Spirit showed me that releasing the energy of that outcome actually freed the kitten to be well.

So what did I do just 5 days later???

I got attached to another kitten who was having a very bad reaction to her vaccination. Her fever got very high and she had to go back to the clinic for 2 days of IV fluids and care…On her second night, while I was sending her Reiki healing energy, her sweet little face came to me and I realized again I had fallen into the same trap. So I spoke to her telepathically. I told her that I would help her with what ever she needed. Whether she needed to leave this earth plane or she chose to stay. I told her she could fight and that I would support her and with that I let her and my attachment go.

I got a phone call at 8 am the next morning from the doctor, her fever broke during the night, and  the best place she could be was quickly back at our home. Our journey with her wellness continued as she had an upper respiratory infection and then got an  intestinal infection that spread to two others. She lost weight and looked funky for many days. I did tell her if she was going to stay I would do whatever it took and I was challenged by that agreement.

This morning as I type, all 5 are running all over the place, eating like little piggies and blessed with the round fat little tummies that these babes show when all is well with them.

For my daughter who is a naturally gifted healer, this has been about her desire to be a vet. Vets deal with very sick animals, sometimes they don’t make it…sometimes they do, this is life and all of it is perfect.

For me it has been staying conscious to what is. Being present and looking for the blessings, healing and growth that are always available. It has been about supporting the young lady that has shown up in this life time as my daughter. She is a mighty force who teaches me so much.

Yes, we can grow through suffering and we can grow through joy. I am seeing the beauty in both as they are ultimately from the same Source.

There is only now…be in it. Sit in it. Move in it. Love it hate it. Let it be whatever it needs to be and allow the Divine to illuminate it, so that the truth of love can be revealed into and unto you.

You are loved.

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