Ebb or flow?

“Happiness, not in another place but this place…not for another hour, but this hour.”

― Walt Whitman

I am not sure what it is about airports, but I seem to be inspired to begin my newsletters in them. As I begin to type, I am heading home.

I am relaxed and feeling more content than ever about my “calm before the storm”. Of course the angels tack on the word “activity” to the usual idiom.

Should you look up that saying, you will find that it is described as “a quiet period just before a period of great activity or excitement”.

This is pretty much where I have been as well as a number of my clients. Don’t be fooled by calm…it is still an opportunity of growth. Believe me! You can actually achieve a lot, even without the frenetic activity we often associate with “doing and growing” within our careers, relationships or health for example.

The calm can feel very uncomfortable until one surrenders to it.

Trust me.


It takes trust and faith that there is always activity in the unseen. This is the usual sticking point for most people. We can lack trust and faith and it brings up what I call “not enough-ness”.

Honoring the ebb and flow of life, “The calm before the storm” or perhaps “the storm before the calm”, is not always easy. It is our human nature, really our egoic nature that strives for some end point where we arrive in a state of bliss without the ebb and flow.

Perhaps we thought it would come when we turned 18 or maybe when we graduated from a level of school or a training program. Maybe we sought it out in a relationship through that significant other or when we got “that” job, then we would be done, we would arrive and we would just sail in calm waters without any kind of storm.

Well, this is not our lot and it is not our divine nature. Can we be calm in the storm? Can we calm in the calm? Yes, but we need to accept that there will always be ebb and flow, there is not up without the down, night without the day and so on.

This is “The Principle of Polarity”. I often speak of it in my programs or on the air and as I work my clients and callers.

So, why then is it so hard to just be in the calm for some of us?

This is the very stuff that our soul got ridiculously excited about before we jumped right into the pool of the human experience we so often complain about. We wanted the roller coaster because it gives us contrast and forms our desires for manifesting.

The realm of the angels continues to ask us to invest our time and attention to reassessing what we are experiencing. It is often the very experiences that we say are uncomfortable or painful that jump start the fire of our conscious awakening and also fan the flames to help us deepen that awakening.


The very opportunity of resting phases and of integration can be unsettling because we are not, from the ego’s perspective, doing enough. As Archangel Ardekiel reminds us, that everything is at choice and in that choice we are often labeling good or bad without much conscious awareness.

How about deepening your awakening?

What would that or could that look like?

For starters, today and the next month you could give yourself the gift of daily awareness and presence of mind to notice how you are seeing all that you experience. Even when you judge or experience something as bad or negative would you be willing to get curious and wonder about a higher meaning or a higher purpose?

For example as I wrestled with my own calm period, the angels show a picture of a tortoise and the value of slow and steady. Integrating this supports healing unworthiness and perfectionism that often shows itself as “doing too much”, “not taking care of oneself” and not enough play time.

You may need to take time away from an experience to evaluate it and be able to look at it from a different angle. In the moment it can be challenging and that is OK.

My promise to you is that when you do look, your life will change…thankfully for the better I might add and isn’t that what you are wanting?

Even if your life feels “perfect” there is always more “perfect” to open up to because our very nature is expansion.

We are like beautiful little balls of rising dough that will never be complete or ready to be cooked in the oven. We think we want that, but that would not be living.

You can choose to surrender to where you are right now. This allows the next ebb and flow of experience to continually tease out the true you. You then get to emerge and break free from previous restraints.

This is and has always been the calling of our innate Oneness, of Becoming You.

Celebrate with me the ebb and flow of life as love continues to call us home to the truth of who we are and our unlimited potential to not only have what we are wanting, but to allow in even more than we could have imagined.

Where are you right now? Ebb? Flow? Resisting or surrendering?

Here is to celebrating all of it and celebrating your spiritual journey~

Deborah “Atianne” Wilson

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