Everything Flows From Your Relationship with Source

It is snowing here in Boulder, Colorado as I type the beginning of my newsletter. I can’t help but think of abundance and prosperity and how magical it is to watch the constant stream of snowflakes pouring down. I am reminded by Spirit in this moment that we can use this picture as a visual of the constant stream of ideas, inspiration and love that is constantly streaming to us from the energy of Unconditional Love.

I am also reminded of this Unconditional Love energy as one of my cats has his head laying on my keyboard as I type. He is licking my hand and doing his best to love me up. It doesn’t feel like a convenient time for me as my intention is to get my newsletter complete and delivered asap. I am made aware, in this moment that there are times where I am not letting LOVE in fully.

We all say we want to love and be loved and yet often we push love away or we withhold love. Maybe we do this because it isn’t what we thought it would look like or it isn’t convenient in the moment. At some deep level, within our subconscious we don’t feel we deserve it.

A huge part of our life journey is to overcome this idea that keeps us feeling separate, unworthy and small.

Cultivating a deeper relationship with Spirit and the wisdom and love that flows from this relationship, is foundational to EVERYTHING you say you are wanting.

What I have learned is that SPIRIT never gives up on us because it is us and it is that part of us that has not forgotten the beauty and glory of who we really are.

In a month in which we can be bombarded my the commercialism of what love “should be”. The greatest love relationship we can have is with Spirit…everything else flows from this.

Being in this flow brings you into alignment with your good. Speaking of alignment, my fingers have now run directly into my cat’s face enough times that he is willing to patiently wait right next to me and has removed his head from my keyboard. My cat, like Spirit, won’t ever give up on me no matter how I do, or do not show up in life. Spirit, like the snow that so effortlessly falls to earth, will continue to effortlessly get my attention and love, guide and inspire me to be better than I ever have thought I could. The same is true for you and every other being on this planet.

It is up to us to let love in.

We are invited during this month to explore our relationships, especially with Spirit. There is a direct relationship to how much you love and trust yourself, how much you trust what comes to you from Spirit, and how much you allow Spirit to love you and support you on your journey.

May your month be filled with more awareness of the love that flows through you and to you and how unique you are as a Divine expression of love.

To your spiritual and financial wealth!

Deborah “Atianne” Wilson

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