In meditating and asking about the idea of separation or what some may call maya-illusion-mist, I received this as a reply to why it was created….

“ To be more of who you are-resistance, once pushed through becomes expansion-in a sense this your duty your longing, your being discerning. This desire or fire within you to become more than what you are- your thoughts of what you are…are in a sense a glass ceiling in which you rise, then break through and break free- become whole again in your mind and the mind of God. You were never separate in the first place, but in the re-membering wholeness, there is great excitement and movement of energy and expansion which is your eternal gift. You may think of this as a soul initiation if you will- an “I did it!” of which you originally chose to do in the first place prior to your incarnation-although many have found in their earthly bodies this to be a painful process, it actually is a joyful one in which you may choose and ask assistance now to see this more clearly or you may wait and see it from what you call the “beyond”- either way, it is your choice-as it always was and always will be-this is enough for now.”

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