On the Eve of Change…

“Change is inevitable and growth is optional”

A dear friend of mine gave me a card with the above quote recently. I just shook my head it deep recognition of this truth for me.

We are at a great precipice in time and history and we are being asked to trust deeply in the greatest that humanity has to offer. We are being called to a greater glory within ourselves which can only happen as we see all that is around us through our spiritual eyes. Know there is good everywhere and look for it. For that which you look for, you will find.

Change will take place and if you are not willing to embrace and surrender to your next stage of growth and development or you get caught up in the negativity and fear, you may feel that your vision is blurred and you are spinning out of control.

The angels tell me this is not necessary and that we really do have a tremendous opening for diving deeply into that which we are wanting.

It is time to recognize that we all really are One.

Contemplate this for a moment…say quietly in your mind, “ I am that which I come from”.

In the simplest terms I imagine God being a beautiful ball of light and each one of us a ray of light radiating out. Never losing the connection from the original source, only expanding that light again and again in each moment.

You are that light, you are that which you come from, you are that change, that hope, that perfect expression that no one else can be but you. Shine your light! The time is now…

Breathe that in…….

Each moment is actually the eve of change and each moment an opportunity for growth.

Setting aside all forms of illusion of separation,  I ask you to align your heart with mine and send  forth your positive prayers, intentions, visions and dreams so we can create the tomorrow we are wanting.

For tomorrow and beyond:

I affirm all that is right and good and true to be at work in this new administration. Sending heartfelt gratitude and love to everyone that supported this momentous and historic moment, be it through thought prayer or action.

Blessing the White House and anyone connected to it in any form to be activated into their Highest Good.

Asking Mother-Father God, the archangels, angels, ascended masters, saints, goddesses, and elemental realms to protect, guide, comfort, and inspire our new President and his family and staff.

Affirming all is well.

And so it is.

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