So Spirit, patience, what do I need to know about patience?

“Where is this perceived finish line you are all scurrying around to get to? All these things you wish to get accomplished are all illusional perceptions conceived in egoic mind that in themselves, in the end, will hold less meaning then you think.

It is about how you are feeling. Do you enjoy what you do, or who you are with, or what you are looking at? It is about the journey they say because it is a moment-by-moment thing and these moments are fleeting and yet expansive to the next moment. You focus too much on what you have not gotten done and not and what you have. You focus on all the relationships you don’t have and not on the ones you do. You focus on what is not in your bank account instead of what is and even more interesting what is possible?

Did you not forget why you are here? You are here to live in joyous expansion practicing moment by moment thinking and feeling and playing. It really is liken to a theatre in which you are the actor and all around you are the players on the stage with you.

Might you get more curious as to what and who you are attracting rather than being stuck in perpetual impatience of what or who is yet to arrive?

As we have said before, if it has come into your minds eye for you it can happen, it can be, in fact it already is. And IT just is, in this is form and in its moment by moment “isness” will flow into and materialize into your life in a moments notice as it receives from you a willingness to allow it to gravitate towards you.

This means that you need not look for it, or him, or her, or whatever you can think of, you just need to release your attachment to the exactness of how it is going to look and when it is to appear and how it will arrive. Did you know this puts a bit of rain on your parade?

How you ask?

It does so because the energy you expend here rather than expending it in a dream like state with us does slow down the flow of what is wanting to arrive on your doorstep and how in fact it will look and feel.

It appears to us that many of you are unable to truly trust in the Universe to deliver to you something amazing and magical and perfect for you. Yes, of course, put in your sacred order, dream into it, see it, feel it, taste it and then surrender it to us and intend that this or something more be delivered to you and then let it go in sheer happiness that is Divinely done and that it will be delivered and postmarked in perfect and Divine timing. Then enjoy your self in that moment and in your request and play and harmonize in ways that make you feel good. Then daydream, night dream again and again and again.

Productivity for your results will be your results in the being phase not the doing. Yes, of course you take action when it is guided and feels right. Trust in this and trust in the knowing of what you know and know that you will know what to do as guided for your highest level of growth and expansion.

Although you feel we have gotten of track from patience we have not. Notice if even as we were messaging you the above, did you get impatient even then?

Patience is not to be trusted. It is in itself, this idea of one day I will be always in a state of patience, which might feel calm, and storm free and we are saying that what we want you to know of patience is; give your self a break and others too. Just let more things be just the way they are with neither congratulations nor condemnation. To be patient is to know that you and everyone around you is really doing the best they can with what they know.

Allow yourself enough room to grow and play and relax and breathe!  For heavens sake so many of you are not even breathing fully and deeply, no wonder you are so impatient with your self and others.

Want to feel more in the flow and ride out seeming storms?  Breathe… Breathe… Breathe!  And as you do, before you take action, before you say one word to another, before you do anything else, ask your self or your angels what is it you need to know for your highest good right now and notice what you get. This is patience, this is practice and this will serve you more than you can even imagine…it is our million-dollar secret to you!”

-The Collective

(As channeled by Deborah Wilson)

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One response to “Patience”

  1. Kendra says:

    Hi Deborah,

    Thank you so much for coming on Beth’s “Bliss” call a couple weeks ago. It was a really wonderful call and it was so nice to hear you be so down to earth and real, yet at the same time very light and spiritual. The call had a really good feeling to it. I really enjoyed it.

    Take care and thank you!
    Kendra Smith

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