Self-Love and the Angels

Somewhere along the line many of us began to trust what others thought about us. Their opinions and judgments became the mirror for how we saw ourselves.  Too often because we gave our power to someone else, we seemingly  lost our ability to trust our inner knowing, our Divine gift from Spirit that helps us to navigate our world. Thus, many of us have gotten off track at some point in our life.

The gift in this is we begin to search for something better.  We go to a spiritual service, we read a meaningful book, we seek out people that have been where we are and they help us to lift ourselves out of what I call the “rabbit hole”.

It is our angels who continually whisper into our ears, they guide us and help us to remember the amazing beings we are. They see our glory and our beauty and our potential.

They love us unconditionally, they adore us and they never give up on us.

The more we connect with our angels, the more we ask for their help and take action on their guidance, the more our lives improve. We get healthier, we get happier, we get more courageous, and we begin to learn to love ourselves and live the life we always knew we could.

As we love ourselves more and more we are less concerned about what others may think about us. We begin using our intuitive gifts more. We begin to know as no one else can, what is right and true and good for us. As we do, our inner Light shines brighter and brighter, ever expanding as was always the intention for us.

May you take time today to do something wonderful for your self!

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