Spiritual Money Tip


How do you view paying your bills?


Money is energy. It is a promise of an exchange of energy. It is that simple. Every bill that you get is for some exchange of energy that you have already received and contracted for. Your electric bill for example is showing up in your mailbox because you have already received energy (figuratively and literally in this case) and your promise to keep that valuable exchange going is for you to circulate energy back out by paying that bill and thus you create flow.

Money loves to be paid attention to in positive ways and it loves to flow. A new way of thinking and changing your mindset around money and bills is to see them as energy. See that the Universe deems you perfectly capable of having all those exchanges that show up in your mailbox. Seeing all of this as a blessing sends a much different message to the Universe than what most people vibrate out when they think of or pay their bills. Seeing the blessing in how wonderful it is to flip that switch and “ta -da!”, there is light or to turn the handle at your sink and instantly, clean water pours forth.

Each month we allow that blessing to flow by happily and joyfully paying our bills. As you do so, as you step into this new spiritual money practice you actually allow more positive energy to flow in your direction.

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