Spread Your Wings


“Do not hold back now.
The timing is right and you are ready to soar!”
– Archangel Ariel

Changing Your Mind

As we make a choice to change our lives, there is always going to be a letting go process to allow for the new to have a place of rest. Imagine a bird who rather than starting from scratch and building a new nest, actually builds upon what it already has. Imagine that nest might look a bit shabby, outdated and over time it has probably collected some debris that are just not going to work for it’s future home to birth new life.

This was the vision given to me about our beliefs and mindsets. There comes a time when we are ready to shift, to change, to grow and expand. We certainly don’t need to throw out all our beliefs. We just need to let go of the debris that are no longer serving us as we intend to change our lives. In fact, in our Spiritual growth it is the letting go that is the most valuable part of our process. Noticing what debris we have in our nests is the first step to making room for something new to emerge.

As we notice old thoughts, patterns and ways of viewing the world, ourselves and each other we can begin to make conscious choices about what feels good, true and in alignment and what does not. Each time we notice, each time we decide what stays and what goes, we move ourselves and humanity forward in delightfully positive ways. I think that is a very big deal indeed!

At any moment in time you have the power, the authority and ability to change your mind and change your life.

To your Spiritual AND Financial Wealth!


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