What Is Alignment and Why Should I Care?


Would you like to feel and experience more happiness and joy

in your body and in your everyday experiences?

Who wouldn’t right?

I call this being in alignment.

The best secret weapon you have to be in alignment is by being very
conscious about how you are feeling within your beautiful body.

Your body is consistently giving you feedback as to how you’re are
perceiving, experiencing, judging and understanding the truth of who
you are, who everyone else is and your belief about what is and is not
possible for you.

Getting really good at being aware of how you are feeling AND
choosing to feel good consistently is what really allows you to
become the receiver and the benefactor of all the positive visions,
intentions, goals and desires you have ever consistently thought about.

I am so clear what being in alignment does for me and how I will not tolerate
being out of alignment very long. This declaration has
dramatically and powerfully shifted my life.

This is what I teach and is foundational spiritual wisdom. Some
people do this naturally but most of us need to be reminded.

My two biggest reference points and reminders for my strong desire
to be in alignment are Cancer and a Connective Tissue disorder that I
experienced many years ago.

Would you like to know what I loved about having Cancer and a
debilitating Autoimmune dis-ease and how those two experiences have helped
me return to alignment?

First of all, can you believe that I said LOVED in regards to the
“Big C” word?

Well my deep appreciation from those experiences and how I got
myself into those two messes, is what I draw on NOW to KNOW that I
never want to experience them again.

See, I know now that I created those dis-eases.

Want the short list of how I did that? Then skip the following list…

But before you skip this list, maybe my partial list here may help you?

Maybe you will see yourself here and it may inspire you to investigate
for yourself how you might want to practice cultivating consistent
alignment as your daily practice.

I blamed others for how I was feeling.
I expected others to be the source of my happiness.
I sought the approval of others.
I tried to control other people’s behavior.
I didn’t trust my Intuition.
I didn’t act on my intuition.
I allowed the negative reflection of others to be my mirror.
I forgot who I was.
I didn’t know how to deeply receive.
I didn’t ask for help.
I didn’t take care of me before helping others.

Which makes me think of being on an airplane, (which I am as I write this)
when they tell you to put your oxygen mask on before assisting small
children or those around you!

Same thing here…it is always going to be about you first!

Short list:

I created dis-ease by being out of alignment.


Ok, so how do you feel and experience more happiness and joy in
your body and everyday experiences?

Let’s get practical.

Be responsible for you and how you are feeling.
Notice unwanted feelings in your emotions and body.
Choose to do something to shift how you feel.
Do something to shift you in a positive direction.
It could be anything as long as it shifts how you feel.

What this looks like for me.

When I get triggered and feel unhappy I quickly notice that it
obviously doesn’t feel good and I am reminded how regularly feeling
this way literally poisoned my body and created dis-ease.

Knowing I do not want that, I am inspired to take charge and do
something different.

An easy and effective way for me is to begin to notice what I love
about my life and I start a mental stream (key word here) or list of
things that make me happy…

Sometimes just thinking about puppies or kittens can do it for me.

Obviously depending on how far out of alignment I go I need to
continue beyond puppies and kittens…the point here is to continue this stream until you feel better.
Do this as often as you need throughout the day until you just get better and better with it.

No one ever got great at something by doing it inconsistently, so
consistency is key here so that you can return to your natural
“stream” of alignment.

I guarantee that this is worth the investment of your time
and any energy you put towards it.

And guess what?

You are so worth it!

Deborah “Atianne” Wilson

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