Oneness Becomes You™ Channeled Music for Your Ascension

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Oneness Becomes You™ Music is a practical spiritual tool to support you to create a fulfilling spiritual and wealthy life.

Each piece of music can easily transform your life with its high vibrational frequency to begin or deepen a daily “listening” practice or meditation.

Deborah’s unique connection to spirit has guided her to help shift the idea and perspective of what meditation is “supposed” to look like. Here the angelic realm has offered her, and now you, a “no brainer way”, as one of her clients has said, into a meditative practice. You do not have to work to clear your mind, sit in a lotus position, or have it “look” any particular way. Just be with all of what happens for you and through you.

What Deborah has been guided to teach is, that this “listening practice” is about connection and relationship to spirit in a way that supports your entire life. Thus you will have moments of ‘no-thingness’, where you quiet the monkey mind so that you feel and see you are more than your body. You will experience practical information for your personal life or your business life. You can gain clarity as you take a “problem” or what we like to refer as an “opportunity” to the music. This allows you to not only release fear and anxiety, but to “see” this opportunity from a higher perspective.

Since its launch on 11.11.11, the music has successfully supported many people to shift their life by sitting with the music and experiencing a daily, accumulative effect of a higher vibration than they had been living in before.

Some of the results clients have shared with us:

Oneness Becomes You ™ source of Inspiration photo credit: Tom Ellefsen

  • Quieting of repetitive negative thinking
  • Feeling hopeful
  • Physical detoxification
  • Manifesting their visions
  • Acute and chronic pain leaving the body
  • Better ability to sleep and rejuvenate
  • Shifting “moods”
  • Ease and grace of a daily meditative practice
  • Release of sadness and feelings of overwhelm
  • Truly feeling their connection to everyone and everything/not alone
  • Ability to manage and thrive in what seemed a chaotic life before
  • Feeling of being lovingly nudged to move forward in life’s journey
  • Guidance to one’s inner resources to discover nuggets of truth
  • Access to past life experiences and the wisdom to support this life

This music is the frequency of Love. The music allows you to release what is not you by releasing negative and stuck energy, habits and beliefs. The music allows you to surrender to the real you that knows you can create and live a life you love and truly know that no matter what may come up for you, you can move through it and gain profound insights that truly set your soul free!

You are here to be happy and healthy and create through the contrast of life’s experiences what you truly desire. The Oneness Becomes You™ music can help you do that much easier than you can often do yourself.

We invite you to explore the music.

A better life is waiting for you…

Learn more on Deborah’s sister site, Oneness Becomes You™.

Visit Oneness Becomes You website

“Deborah is the real deal!!! She is compassionate, and passionate about sharing her insights. If you are looking to step up your game or make changes in your life – the best thing you can do for yourself is listen to her radio show and begin working with the ANGELIC MUSIC. If you want change in YOUR LIFE, say yes and get it done!!”


“Completed a Recipe this morning with The Love Letter – ahhhhhhh is how I feel! I am continually inspired by the shifts that occur with this music. You can take anything to the music, take any issue into a meditation, intend for pure healing while listening – and it magically, miraculously happens. Sometimes shifts bring up the contrast that is an ingredient in life – the music is there to support. Some days are more fluid and feel easier – the music is there to hold a space of celebration. To me, the music and the Recipes hold the hope of living in balance and peace. I love these 11 musical minutes of my day! And I am beyond grateful how much this discipline has supported the massive shifts I have experienced the past 10 months!”


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