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Give What You are Wanting More Of

This is so simple yet so profound: “Give what you are wanting more of ~” Here is a simple formula… If you want more (fill in the blank), then give more (fill in the blank) and you will then receive more (fill in the blank). This is not a one time deal, this is a […]

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Mother’s Day ~ A Higher Perspective

As I woke up this morning I wished myself a Happy Mother’s Day. As I began to feed the dogs and cats and  put away a few things in the kitchen, I began to receive impressions of how this day is so beautiful for many and for others it can also be painful. If you […]

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Ebb or flow?

“Happiness, not in another place but this place…not for another hour, but this hour.” ― Walt Whitman I am not sure what it is about airports, but I seem to be inspired to begin my newsletters in them. As I begin to type, I am heading home. I am relaxed and feeling more content than […]

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Happy Love Day!

  Happy Valentine’s Day to those of you in the States and beyond on this day in celebration of LOVE! If you are feeling in love with your life, you are probably experiencing a really good day… If your expectations of “how” your life should be or how you wish it was are not quite […]

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~ 11:11 ~ All numbers and combination of numbers are embedded with specific frequencies. Wonderfully for us, the angels reveal that we don’t have to know the specific meaning or frequencies in order to benefit from them. I liken 11:11 to my mother’s whistle, calling me home when I was a little girl playing outside. […]

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