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Protected By Angels

Protected by Angels As I continue to work with the Angels, I get visual reminders and memories of times that the Angels were guiding me and protecting me. This morning I received one of those reminders. As I tossed and turned this morning, I received one of those reminders as I was trying get back […]

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Message From Archangel Michael & St. Joan of Arc

Courageous Action Dear Ones, We see so many asking for help and Divine inspiration and we answer your prayers, yet you don’t always like our answers or hear how we are answering. Some of you see our answers to your request as too simple, while others see a mountain they are unprepared to climb. Let […]

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2009 New Year – New Beginnings

2009 What an incredible opportunity this year brings. One of the strongest messages coming through is for each of us to focus on what we are wanting. Sounds simple right? Yet, if we really self-reflect and look at where we might be placing most of our energy and thoughts we may see that what we […]

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Angelic Signs

I never fail to be amazed at the signs that we are given from SpiritĀ  that remind us that we are fully supported and fully loved by God, the angels and other Light beings. Very early this morning I woke up very aware of my sore throat that has been painful for days now. I […]

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