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Moving Through Loss and Grief

Two weeks ago we helped our sweet dog Pepper leave his body and be free. I cried hard and often before, during and after he transitioned. My tears well up even as I share with you now. In my long-time menagerie of four-leggeds, Pepper was our second dog to become ill and transition in this […]

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Ash Wednesday~Self-Reflection/Self-Sacrifice

If you ask me what my religion is, I will tell you it is Love. Yet, I am drawn to so many beautiful spiritual and religious practices. If you follow me into a carniceria for example, you will find me making my way to the traditional religious candles of the saints and angels. There is […]

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Give What You are Wanting More Of

This is so simple yet so profound: “Give what you are wanting more of ~” Here is a simple formula… If you want more (fill in the blank), then give more (fill in the blank) and you will then receive more (fill in the blank). This is not a one time deal, this is a […]

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Mother’s Day ~ A Higher Perspective

As I woke up this morning I wished myself a Happy Mother’s Day. As I began to feed the dogs and cats and  put away a few things in the kitchen, I began to receive impressions of how this day is so beautiful for many and for others it can also be painful. If you […]

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Ebb or flow?

“Happiness, not in another place but this place…not for another hour, but this hour.” ― Walt Whitman I am not sure what it is about airports, but I seem to be inspired to begin my newsletters in them. As I begin to type, I am heading home. I am relaxed and feeling more content than […]

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