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What Is Alignment and Why Should I Care?

  Would you like to feel and experience more happiness and joy in your body and in your everyday experiences? Who wouldn’t right? I call this being in alignment. The best secret weapon you have to be in alignment is by being very conscious about how you are feeling within your beautiful body. Your body […]

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An Angel Message For You!

“As we rapidly shift the ability to awaken to true consciousness, you will notice an increase in your sensitivity, your ability to hear, feel see and know our presence…it is a time of great amplification of “The Cosmic Love Field” and we are a portion of that field standing by awaiting your answer to rapidly […]

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Spiritual Money Tip

  How do you view paying your bills?   Money is energy. It is a promise of an exchange of energy. It is that simple. Every bill that you get is for some exchange of energy that you have already received and contracted for. Your electric bill for example is showing up in your mailbox […]

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