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So Spirit, patience, what do I need to know about patience? “Where is this perceived finish line you are all scurrying around to get to? All these things you wish to get accomplished are all illusional perceptions conceived in egoic mind that in themselves, in the end, will hold less meaning then you think. It […]

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The Nature of Forgiveness

Wholeness Un-forgiveness creates an illusionary separation between the individuals of the whole. Forgiveness closes this illusionary gap to remember me and my brother are one. What happens to me happens to you. God never needs to forgive because God never forgets or ever sees any separation – there isn’t anything to forgive- Only everything to […]

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  When I am focused on my good, when I am in a state of seeing the world through the lens of gratitude, more good always comes my way. In the very moment of giving thanks we place an order to the Universe for more of what we want. Last weekend my cup overflowed with […]

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