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Testimonial on Deborah’s book “It’s OK to be Spiritual AND Wealthy”:

Kristi Frank from Donald Trump’s “The Apprentice” Season One
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3 Easy Keys to Unlocking the Power of Your Intuition and Creating a Spiritual AND Wealthy Life.
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Kristi Frank
from Donald Trump’s Season 1 of “The Apprentice”:

Terry Hickey
“The Belief Change Alchemist”:

James Malinchak
Testimonial from James Malinchak of the Hit ABC Series “The Secret Millionaire”:

AliciaCuello_testimonial_april2014“OMG! I had a session with Deborah and the crystal healing bed on Saturday. I left speechless. One of the things I asked for help with was removing blocks for building my company; I’ve been working at it for about 3 years with limited success. I was sent home with a ‘To Do List.’ One specific item was to ‘get clear’ on what I wanted to accomplish and why.

“It’s 5 days later (Thursday) and I can’t believe the shift in my company. The things that have happened this week are down right amazing. In the very near future I will have two articles being published, DVD(s) are coming together (that idea came to me while I was on the healing bed), and I’m about to start pod casting. I still can’t believe how quickly this is happening. If you had told me the Friday before I saw Deborah, all this would happen within a week or even within a month, I would have laughed at you.

“It feels like the company is on fast forward! I can’t speak highly enough about my experience with Deborah and my experience. Amazing. If you want to heal or just want some guidance, go see Deborah!”

Alicia Cuello, Underlying Communications

“Deborah Wilson is an incredible angel healer and one of the kindest and most giving individuals I have ever met! Her kind and loving spirit in conjunction with her incredible healing abilities are truly heaven sent. Her messages reach into your heart giving you the tools to change and transform your life. She can feel your innermost questions and emotions, and along with the angels, guide you to pursue your best life. I was in awe of how accurate she was and how ‘light of spirit’ I was after I had met with Deborah. She was just what I needed at a time when I was looking for some direction in my life. Thank you Deborah for sharing your gift and for the compassion you gave me. There are no words to thank you enough…I only hope that you know.”

BB, Louisville, CO

“I am so grateful to have met you, Deborah. You’re an amazingly talented, sweet, down-to-earth, genuine being, and your role as a lightworker is a gift to experience.

You  helped me gain clarity, peace and knowledge in a caring, safe context. I received so much healing in our reiki session and continue to enjoy your angel classes and sessions.

Your work IS a blessing and is appreciated. Thank you.”

EMS, Boulder, CO

“Thank you, thank you, thank you !

It was perfect. All week the children were aware of the presence of their Guardian Angels. Many children shared that they found feathers, coins, one child found a $10. bill out in the field behind the church. They became more aware and that is what is great!”

TN Angel Camp Director
Comments after a talk to the children at
“Angel Camp” at Unity of Boulder, CO, Summer 2008

“I enjoyed my Reiki treatment. I feel something really wonderful opened for me but it’s up to me to take advantage of it. Thank you so much for your caring. I can feel the love you give with your treatments.”

JS, Sherwood, OR

“I had been complaining of my abdomen being very painful after eating and how tired I was of not being able to eat the foods I love such as wheat, dairy, meat etc. Deborah was shown that I try digestive enzymes. I had never heard of them. After further clarification from the angels a very broad-spectrum combination was the guidance. I said I would try the new suggestion and that was the best decision I have ever made for my digestive system! It has been life changing. I can eat everything now without pain or side effects. I am grateful Deborah listened and that I did also.

Thank you, for helping me to change my life and to also trust what I am told even if I cannot see who is telling me!”

FH, West Chester, PA
(Note: Deborah is not a medical doctor and any advice on health and dietary changes should be checked with your personal physician prior to application)

“Since meeting Deborah, I have learned to trust my intuition, my gifts, and my heart and most importantly the God that guides me every day. When I first met with her, I was physically suffering, mentally and emotionally all over the place and running away from all the goodness in my life. I was at a place in my marriage where I was ready to give up, I had lost myself along the way and since working with her for the last 6 months my life has meaning, purpose and so does my marriage! My husband and I are happy again together. I AM happy again! She is an amazing healer and teacher and I am blessed to have met such a person. I struggle to find the right words to express the greatness that she has shared with me, the healing work that has physically healed me and set my mind, body and spirit back into balance. Her intuitive guidance has empowered me to live again!”

Tami, Longmont, CO

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