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I am passionate about Prosperity! As a Professional Intuitive I am very confident in what True Prosperity is. True Prosperity comes from a space of knowing that your thoughts and emotions are creating your reality and that in each in every moment you have the ability to create a joy filled life.

Angels and Prosperity Blog

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Transcending Challenges: My Greatest Gifts This Holiday

Do you ever prevent yourself from doing something […]

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Ash Wednesday~Self-Reflection/Self-Sacrifice

If you ask me what my religion is, […]


“Deborah Wilson is an incredible angel healer and one of the kindest and most giving individuals I have ever met! Her kind and loving spirit in conjunction with her incredible healing abilities are truly heaven sent. Her messages reach into your heart giving you the tools to change and transform your life. She can feel your innermost questions and emotions, and along with the angels, guide you to pursue your best life."